Final Reflection

Self Portrait

This project was a self-portrait of myself and represented a tremendous improvement in how I drew realistic scenes. Previous projects were just a bunch of geometric shapes, but this actually looks like a person. Maybe it doesn't look exactly like me, but it was an improvement.


This project continued along the same trajectory as the previous one, it shows a tremendous improvement in realism. Except, at least in my opinion, this one not only looks realistic, but looks good. I have gone from being barely able to draw a cube, to being able to draw a waterfall. If this doesn’t show my improvement over these 2 years, nothing does.

How will Visual Arts help me in the future?

There are multiple ways I think Visual Arts will help me in the future. But I think the main one is better observational skills. To draw something, you must be able to observe every bit of it, and replicate it. Over the course of this class I have learned to do just that, and that observational skill is not only useful in art. It is useful in pretty much everything, from coding, to picture-taking, and even to reflection-writing. That ability to observe is what I believe will help me the most in the future that I gained from this class.