Explain what the meaning and purpose is behind the work that you have created. Describe how you used particular formal properties (1 element, 1 principle, composition), media and visual symbolism to convey an idea visually?

The purpose of this work is to preserve and display the beuty of Tahquamenon Falls. It uses the properties of Color and Shape to do this. It uses the property of Color to show the vibrancy of the falls and to show depth. It also uses the property of Shape to show the actual falls in a 2D form. It also uses the property of Line to add texture to the waterfall itself. I chose Tahquamenon Falls because I believe it is a beautiful location that should be preserved, and I have been therre in person, so there is a personal connection as well.

What were some of my most powerful learning moments and what made them so?

One of my most powerfullearning moments was learning how to use smudging to my benefit, to create more gradual color transitions, and overall make things more realistic. This was a powerful moment because of the crazy jump in quality and efficiency I was able to make, not only being able to make things faster, but also better. Being able to create gradual color transitions has also made making organic tings (like tress) far easier, as organic things tend to have very few hard edges, using mostly gradual transitions. This is also one of my first projects based off of a reference image that I actually believe resembles the image.

How will I use what I've learned in the future? (in art or elsewhere)

I don't know how I will use chalk pastels in te future, but the techniques I have learned for drawing realistic landscapes will almost definitely be useful for future projects (art and otherwise). Specifically, how I have learned to use shades to create natural color transitions. I will also use the techniques I have learned for copying from a reference photo, this will be useful in future projects, including still-lifes and self-portraits.

How was your thinking and creativity valued throughout this unit and project?

It wa very valued, the entire premise of the unit is that you have to pick a landscape to draw. I used a reference photo as a guideline, but I was the one who picked the photo. This project was guided enough to be practical as well as challenge us, but also hevaily valued our creativity throughout the process.

What did I learn were my greatest strengths? My biggest areas for improvement?

My greatest strength was sticking to the original design, and keeping shapes the same throughout the transition from screen to paper. I need to improve on shading, making colors transition naturally and look like 3D objects. I also believe I made good choices about which details to omit from the reference photo, because they would be too impractical to transfer in chalk pastel. For instace the foreground plants are completely opaque instead of having multiple holes in them.

What would you do differently if you were to approach the same problem/project again?

I would focus more on shading and maybe use a different color paper so the white in the river could pop more easily. I would also use less brown in the foregroud plants. The idea was to make it seem like they had a structure, but the brown blurred and interfered with the green. Or I might have omitted the foreground plants entirely to show a better view of the river. I would also make my pencil marks lighter, even with te calk pastel on top, you can still see them, and you can't remove them without removing the chalk pastel with them.

Process Images

Reference Photo