Self Portrait

Explain what the meaning and purpose is behind the work that you have created. Describe how you used particular formal properties (1 element, 1 principle, composition), media and visual symbolism to convey an idea visually?

This self portrait is mostly meant to represnt me. I used color and form to depict a 3D object (me), and I used colored pencil to give it a "textured" look. I showed a computer to show my interest in computers, and I showed a window because I still like open spaces.

What were some of my most powerful learning moments and what made them so?

I am finally starting to figure out how to use different shades of colors to create form, how to show light appear on the side of something to give it shape. This is so important for 3D art.

How will I use what I've learned in the future? (in art or elsewhere)

The ability to draw convincing 3D shapes will be very useful in future art projects, and I wouldn't be surprised if a future project could involve drawing parts of the human face again.

What were some of the most interesting discoveries made while working on this project? About the problem? About yourself? About others?

I discovered I am still a really impatient artist. Whenever possible I will automatically try to do things as quickly as possible. I also learned that by forcing myself to become more patient, I can improve the quality of my work.

Talk about your inspiration for this work of art. Where did it come from and how is it reflected in the final piece?

My inspiration was really quite mundane, I took a photo of myself. Then though, hey I like computers, I should add one to the background. This resulted in the end result also being somewhat mundane as well.

Were your milestones and goals mostly met, and how much did you deviate from your original plans, if at all?

I mostly met all of my goals, but I still simplified many things when putting the project to paper. For instance, originally the laptop was facing at an angle, rather than facing the camera. However, this was harder to draw.